Wednesday, April 09, 2008

American Kestrel (a bird in the hand)

After the heavy wet snow storm we had over the weekend, our feeders have been busy, especially with the Common Redpoll. They have been flocking to the feeders in droves, not even scared away when we are on the other side of the glass.

A little while ago, I heard a thump and then the twittering of the flock of Redpolls scattering. There, upside down on the deck, was an American Kestrel. I got a couple of pictures of him in my hand and then I set him on the snow. One of his eyes was covered over. I wasn't sure if that was the bottom lid or if his eye was "blank." A few minutes later, he was gone.


  1. that's gorgeous! I wish I could send it to my sister, who is quite a birder!

  2. What a cool photo of the american kestrel! I'm envious.

  3. How beautiful...

    Congratulations on the upcoming show!


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