Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Turkeys and Daffodils

You'll just have to believe me....I saw a flock of about a dozen wild turkeys run past the kitchen window, at this house in a small town, this morning. I went outside, in my robe, with my camera, but those birds must be able to hear a sneaking woman from 50 yards. They left in a flash. So no picture.

I'm in Eastern Wisconsin, at a relative's house. We don't have wild turkeys where I live.

The grass is green and the daffodiles are up here. Wow, it is really spring. And I'll get a second spring when I get home.

Monday, April 09, 2007

No Snow, Just Cold

We didn’t get any of the snow the last few days that some of you got. We did get the cold. Beautiful sunny days; really cold nights. The river refroze. Check out the picture taken on Easter Sunday with the one I posted from 3/26/2007. In thirty years here, living on the bank of the LF river, we’ve never seen a refreeze. Of course, the ice out was several weeks early.