Saturday, July 30, 2005

Life changed in an instant...

When I last posted on Wednesday, little did I know that life had already changed. Earlier that morning, my friend, the driver of a mini-van, crashed, which killed my friend, her daughter, and two of the daughter's friends. Another friend survived with injuries. The friends were all college students. Another friend had died in a car accident last winter.

These people were more energetic and giving that most of us could ever dream of. That sounds cliche, but how true it was. I've known the mom for about 20 years, and the kids since before they were a gleam in their parents' eyes. Our kids were in pre-school together. They played on the same teams in basketball baseball for many years.

The funeral for the mom and daughter was today, held in the school gym, and as expected, about 1300 people turned out. Tomorrow we will go to another funeral for the other two, long time boyfriend and girlfriend, also to be held at the school.

Something like this truly brings people together. If tears and hugs can heal, then healing is at least started. But the loss can't be replaced.

I may use this in my Why is the Sky Blue Challenge. I'm not up to explaining that now.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fabric detail on Fruit of the Spirit

I added another picture to the Fruit of the Spirit post (check July 23 in archive), showing a matching pillow. The piecing design and the fabric print show a bit better.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


We used to see deer only a few times each summer, but for the last four or five years, we see them several times each week, during the day, even in our yard. They have become a nuisance, eating garden plants and flowers. They are a frequent cause of car accidents. These two fawns are eating in the yard. I saw a mother with twin fawns cross the yard today. We've had to put a fence around our garden to get any produce this year.


The iris is my favorite flower. The mass of purple iris is in my garden. The single iris is the wild Blue Flag Iris, common in June along waterways.

Robins in the nest

The Robins nest in obvious spots, but they don't always manage to make a nest that is easy to photograph, like this one.

Great Grey Owl

2005. Many owls were sighted in the area during the winter, even during daylight. There may have been a shortage of food in Canada, hence their journey south. This one, fortunately, flew into our yard and stayed awhile. This mass sighting is called an "irruption of owls."

Canada Goose

2005 This was a first for this spot. Yes, same place as the other picture. I like the "water color" quality of the water.

Wildlife "at our doorstep"

The River.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Church Members Patchwork

This was meant to be a bit on the homey/homely side. A bit off here and there, some items embellished, some hanging on by a thread. Visual metaphor.

I Won!

Well, the challenge was to make a paper pieced item from a fat quarter that was handed out last year. I won one of the three prizes! There were only three people who completed the challenge. Oh well. It was a good item to work on free motion quilting.

Animal Trip around the World

2005 Baby quilt, Trip around the world pattern, one of the "trips" contains fabric images of animals. Two babies entered the family. Two quilts, different animals.

At the Lake

Post Card 2005

You are driving me Buggy!

Post Card 2005

Post cards, Post cards 2005

I made lots of post cards. Most contained pictures of family gatherings, hence they are not posted here. These are two of the non-pictoral ones. The second one is called Easter Sunrise.

Mother Mallard

2004 Original applique design on denim shirt, in honor of a friend. A gift to her.

Buffalo Bowl, Kokopeli Bowl


As it should be.....

2003 Original design, visual metaphor. Raw edged applique.
Unfortunately, the details of the original don't show well in this picture.

Carried away with the bowl craze. 2004

2004 Just a few of many bowls that I made. I like the 6 sided ones best. I've found that I can take many shapes to make the bowls. They don't have to be even or symetrical. See Kokopeli bowl, deliberatly not evenly space.

The Fish Bowl 2004

Same bowl, turned inside out.

Table Runner

Leaf Table Runner, 2003, Original design. Pieced and appliqued.

Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit, Fruit of the Vine. 2003 Sold at auction in 2004 for World Hunger. The Spirit is represented by wind, hence the pinwheels. The grapes and vines suggest Spirit being present in Communion.

The matching pillow also shows the Stack and Whack pattern, and you can see the grape and vine fabric a bit better.

Rooted, Reaching, Growing

Rooted, Reaching, Growing 2002 Tulips used to symbolize a mission statement for a friend.
Applique. Original design.


Nuthatches 2002 Original design, applique

Fall Mats

Place mats and runner, 2002. Inspired by the colors of fall. Original Design.

Wind Blows

Everywhere the Wind Blows. 2002

Squares representing blown leaves. Quilting representing wind.