Sunday, August 28, 2005

Fall is around the corner/ Geese

I heard a flock of Canada geese fly over today, but I never saw them. I suppose that means that they are thinking about migrating. This is the first year that I have heard or seen geese in our area. Here is one that visited our yard in July.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Peaceful Sky

Every morning the first thing I check is the sky. I always want to know if the sun will be out and the evidence is whether the sky is blue and/or if the sun is highlighting the tops of the trees. One can't really look at the sun directly for very long, nor take a photo of it with amature photo equipment. There are so many things we have to "know" by studying other evidence.

These days, the sun is getting up later and later, so during my first look at the sky, I may see the pre-sunrise light. I also look to see evidence of the wind.

These sky pictures were taken late morning.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

They ate everything!

We were gone for a week, visiting relatives. This morning, we looked out the window at the vegetable garden, which has been successful this year because we put a fence around it to keep out the deer. We couldn't see the plants very well from the window. At first we assumed that the drought had made the plants dry up. But when we went out to look, we found two big holes in the fencing. The deer had eaten all the leaves of the potatoes, beans, cosmos, beets, carrots, and pea plants still standing. They even pulled some of the carrots right out of the ground. They must have looked like tasty morsels, tastier than a yard full of grass. Of course, lots of the grass has turned brown.
Deer aren't so cute when you find all that hard work has been for nothing.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Dragon in the yard.

This dead tree fell down close to the house. It had been dead so long that the bark had already fallen off. We wondered why we had never noticed the strange undulations when it was standing.

Looking Up

In preparation for the Why is the Sky Blue challenge, I've been looking up. Here is the Northern Minnesota Sky in July, 2005.

Lilies, mostly

I love growing flowers, especially those which come back by them selves. There were 12 different colors of lilies blooming in July, some of which I was able to catch on film. Two years ago, the deer ate all the buds as well as all the leaves, but this year and last, I had loads of blooms. When the sun catches the petals, they glow.