Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Franklin Ground Squirrel

Well, spring is here, sort of. Since we are in a year long drought, and nearly every storm of the winter and the spring has bypassed us, we aren't greening up very fast. But there are signs, signs of hope. I'm wondering if many of my perennials made it through the winter. Due to the low depth of the snow cover, the frost went deep into the ground.

So out I went with my camera today, looking for life. There are lots of camouflage colors out there: dry grass and leaves, dirt, rocks. Here and there, green is poking through.

Last year, we frequently saw a ground squirrel who we called "Frankie" because he is a Franklin Ground Squirrel. After a few months, we realized that there was Frankie, Mrs. Frankie, and Little Frankie. This year we've seen three at once already. Look how well he can be camouflaged. Cute? Maybe, depending on what they might burrow into. We won't think it is cute if the garage slab gets undermined. These animals are also called Whistle Pigs, because of their call. But last year, I heard that sound only a few times.

I also took a picture of the little creek that flows by our house. It is so small that I can walk across it with one big step. The water is low because of the lack of rain, but right now, it is the only "running water" I can see when I'm in the house because our well is broken.

The next few weeks will bring exciting changes. I love the sproutings of spring.

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