Sunday, July 20, 2008


The Chickens visited my yard yesterday.
Chicken in the Lobelia

Chicken wonders if Pink goes with Purple.
Chicken lays an egg.
Chicken incubates a egg.
Chicken visits the Pond.

Chickens subdue a Rhubarb Leaf

Chickens on a Log

Chickens in the Sedum

Chicken has the Blues
Chickens in a Basket

Chicken Checks out purple Pansy

Chicken in the Hosta
Chickens in the Nicotinia

Chickens are smaller than lettuce

Chickens discover the color of composted rhubarb leaves.
Chickens on Parade.

Chickens Look at African Seedlings
Chicken in the hanging pot

Chicken on the Web Pattern from Web Goddess.


  1. I love chickens! These are so cute! Is there a pattern for them?

  2. The chickens are fabulous! Do you have a pattern for them, I'd love to make some.

  3. Oops, sorry about not posting the link to the pattern right away. I was having so much trouble uploading the pictures and then some would disappear, that I got distracted from posting the pattern.

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  5. That was hilarious! I especially love the one in the lettuce. The way that the light is reflecting off of thier eyes makes them look like they are looking right at the camera! I love that you are having So Much Fun! (I saw your post on quiltart). Great job!

  6. Love them! I have a thing for funky chickens and have one of those pincushions myself. I especially like your 'Blues' one...thanks for an afternoon smile!

  7. The chickens are so cute! And your garden looks lovely. I've always wanted to have real chickens in the back garden (darn those city bylaws), and you've inspired me.

  8. I really love this series of pictures. Very entertaining!

  9. These are really cute chickens. I will try to post the chickens my grandmother made once I can find an old blog that they are on. Yours are sure neat that you made.


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