Saturday, June 09, 2007

The River is Up and other news

I've posted pictures of our river before, when the water has been low. We've had some rain, which is a good thing because we've had a year long drought and we were in a forest fire high danger area, but no more.

The depth of the water isn't really a good indication of drought conditions or lack thereof. Well, really low water would be from a period of lack of rain. But this river rises about one foot for every inch of rain, so you can see that it will go up quite a bit from a normal rainfall that doesn't impact an on-going drought all that much.

We've been enjoying having running water again. The best part is being able to take a shower any time of the day I want to. The water has had some dirt in it, and it hasn't been tested yet, so we're still not drinking it. I can tell that it has a lot of iron in it just by the smell.

I've been planting flowers and my husband has been planting vegetables. I used to do all the gardening, but I never really enjoyed the vegetable garden. When he took an interest in it, I was sure glad.

Baby animals and birds abound. I even saw a yound pileated woodpecker flying across the yard. Today I got this picture of an eagle. It was on the grass. Actually, it wasn't in my yard, but on display at a local fair, on loan from the raptor center. It was a thrill to see an eagle up close.

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