Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Why is the Sky Blue?

The Quiltart group on-line suggested a quilt challenge to answer the question "Why is the sky blue?" I entered right away because my favorite color is blue. I am actually passionate about blue. I had no idea what I would make, or indeed, if I would actually get around to finishing the quilt. I don't like deadlines.

Later I thought about the emotional meaning of "blue" i.e. a somber, sad emotion, instead of my usual happy reaction to the color. I also started taking pictures of the sky in my yard.

Then this past summer, a car accident took the lives of my friend, her daughter, and two of the daughter's friends. A year ago, another young person died in a car accident. These college age people are the same age as my children and I've known them all their lives.

My quilt then evolved in my mind and became a memorial quilt in memory and honor of these friends: Pat, Nancy, Lindi, Paige, and Dan.

So my answer to the Question, "Why is the Sky Blue?" "So we can see what's in the clouds." In memory of friends who left us too soon, who are now "in the clouds." Pat, Nancy, Lindi, Paige, and Dan.

I wanted to capture the idea of our friends being "up there" and "watching over us" and that we can look up in longing and remembrance. The center sky is actually the sky as seen in my yard, with a fringe of trees surrounding it. The brown and green strips represent the endless forest that surrounds us all here in Northern Minnesota. The outer area is dark blue, for the lakes, and for eternity. Lie on the ground; look at the sky. What do you see in the clouds?


  1. What a beautiful quilt, and a lovely way to remember and honor your friends. It sounds like you had a tough year in '05, I'm hoping for much better times for you in '06. And hope your kitty is doing ok.

  2. Enjoyed your description of process, and am moved that it means so much to you. I love quilts that have messages, especially when I find out what they are.
    Chris Predd

  3. A beautiful quilt. It is difficult to lose people we love. Your memorial strikes a lovely note of hope. Jen


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