Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Unseen

In spite of the drought we've had since the end of June, the river is higher than it was a week ago. So it was no surprise when we canoed a mile downstream and found a beaver dam about 18" high. We didn't notice any sign of recent activity last evening. But twice we heard the slap of a beaver tail and saw ripples.

We also heard the hoot of an owl, again unseen. Last week we saw a great horned own in a tree in the yard. I've been told that if they are out during the day, they are hungry.

I know that the deer are around at night, unseen by us, because my lily stems have been eaten off almost to the ground. Some of these are within a few inches of the house.

We frequently find scat of unknown animals on the sidewalk.

I heard a snort of a deer in the woods as I walked toward the house in the late afternoon. I saw nothing, even though I could hear it run away.

Last year, we often heard the yips and howls of coyotes when we were getting ready for bed.

I often wonder just what is out there. What might I see if I had night vision goggles? Tonight is a full moon. We might canoe to the beaver dam after midnight.


  1. Could be your furred friends are packing it on for a long brutal winter. Last time we had a summer like this, was 54-56 we had some incredibly tough winters, very long, very cold, and lots of snow.

  2. You certainly have some interesting neighbors!


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