Sunday, August 14, 2005

They ate everything!

We were gone for a week, visiting relatives. This morning, we looked out the window at the vegetable garden, which has been successful this year because we put a fence around it to keep out the deer. We couldn't see the plants very well from the window. At first we assumed that the drought had made the plants dry up. But when we went out to look, we found two big holes in the fencing. The deer had eaten all the leaves of the potatoes, beans, cosmos, beets, carrots, and pea plants still standing. They even pulled some of the carrots right out of the ground. They must have looked like tasty morsels, tastier than a yard full of grass. Of course, lots of the grass has turned brown.
Deer aren't so cute when you find all that hard work has been for nothing.

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  1. Yes this is when Bambi starts to look yummy with a side of mashed potatoes and home made bisquits.

    I would have been crying in my cup of green tea!

    Question is did they chew a hole in the fence?


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