Saturday, July 30, 2005

Life changed in an instant...

When I last posted on Wednesday, little did I know that life had already changed. Earlier that morning, my friend, the driver of a mini-van, crashed, which killed my friend, her daughter, and two of the daughter's friends. Another friend survived with injuries. The friends were all college students. Another friend had died in a car accident last winter.

These people were more energetic and giving that most of us could ever dream of. That sounds cliche, but how true it was. I've known the mom for about 20 years, and the kids since before they were a gleam in their parents' eyes. Our kids were in pre-school together. They played on the same teams in basketball baseball for many years.

The funeral for the mom and daughter was today, held in the school gym, and as expected, about 1300 people turned out. Tomorrow we will go to another funeral for the other two, long time boyfriend and girlfriend, also to be held at the school.

Something like this truly brings people together. If tears and hugs can heal, then healing is at least started. But the loss can't be replaced.

I may use this in my Why is the Sky Blue Challenge. I'm not up to explaining that now.

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